Come Home

by liebot

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The Internet can now accelerate ideas into clichés in a matter of months, or even weeks, the music industry is no exception. Isolated recordings from a period of personal seclusion (perhaps in a romantic location for extra points) are almost becoming a parody.

This is a style that people will never tire of, and indeed when it’s done genuinely and authentically, it can make for the most intricate and interesting musical moments. The debut of Scottish songwriter Liebot then, titled “Come Home”, falls into that sincere category.

Laying bare with a lo-fi approach, taking firm strides in experimentation, found-sound and samples, what is presented here isn’t traditional folk, but reads more like a stylised documentary. The listener is invited in to eavesdrop on something that is obviously deeply personal and they may end up being taken down darkened paths that they might not have imagined existing.

Written: March 2009 - February 2010
Recorded: October 2011
Location: Wiltshire, UK
All songs by J. McInnes


released November 11, 2011




liebot Bristol, UK

Liebot is Scottish.
Liebot writes music.
Liebot likes rain.
Liebot is sorry.

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Track Name: Distance
Distance means nothing more
than somewhere to lose some energy
the pounding of shoes or the
emotions we gain and lose
collect somewhere you know well

out in the trees, caught a rabbit for food
made of skin, bones, fur and cartilage
living in cold
free from your lesser thoughts
playing them off against the elements

trying the best that you can
you know that's all you can do
helps on the way theres nothing much
worth worrying about
I can hear them right now
somewhere over that hill to the south

we can lie here if thats what you really want
I've got no better ideas of my own have you?

just give me the hours we need
why not, lets have an argument
I know how to stay stupid things
neither of us can let the other win
okay lets just look up at the night
imagine floating search lights
Track Name: Regret Everything!
A shakey voice on the line
thrown down the phone in haste
I'm well prepared at the best of times
just not at these kind of things
Oh I knew, it'd be wrong

lemme me try and explain to you
what you mean to me
cos I've not given up on this life
I've got far too much to see
well, okay, I've got too many questions bout the

echoes of things and the way that they stay
around in your head like bad company
till the end of the day

we do what we want when theres nobody else
our ill-defined roles are gonna have to last
to the end of our days

I've been lucky
I didn't have to chose
that old clichéd approach
it felt good to do what I wanted
to do, at the time

We're sent in wrong directions
with no way of stopping
bending round the obstacles
with no way of knowing about the

echoes of things and the way that they stay
around in your head like bad company
till the end of the day

we do what we want when theres nobody else
our ill-defined roles are gonna have to last
to the end of our days
Track Name: Fluid in the Lungs
Got so many things on my mind
I just wish I could find the time
I swam out here alone to a reef
finding it hard to breathe

Sharp quick biting pain in the neck
been a hundred days since I'd a proper rest
keep on running till i find peace
out on a reef

and no it wont be seen
my view; serene
Track Name: Worth It
Never gonna come close
try stepping inside
lemme see your eyes
dont worry its fine

Dry out your shoes
go givem a shine
be back next week and I'll see whats
sittin on the back of my mind

lemme borrow your day
I'll let you do the same some time
whens the next time your free
how about tonight

gonna giveup some points
gimmie options i'll think it through
think its worth it now that'll go,
theres nothing left to lose
Track Name: Do It Again
Finding every thing I never thought I had before
you walked in and took it out the door
tryna find a better daytime because the night
I've tired of the black the match i need to Strike

ring a ring a roses"don't try", cut your loses
your voice its on the list of things i know i never
thought I'd try my best to never ever hear

Dunno if its repetition from the time that
you said I'd be yours and I said you'd be mine
but someone's went and stole your quirky mannerisms
someone who I canny stand to be beside

lets all get excited, everyone likes surprises
i want another try you know i want another try.

And then it'll stop, and then it'll stop, again.
Then I find I'm doing it all, doin it all again.
It just wont stop going wrong, stop going wrong again.
I know I'll, swear that i'll never, swear that i'll never

Sippin down another bottle of the wine
that tastes fuckin rotten keeps you off my mind
I know im better off never speaking to you
canny just control it i really wanna

fix the things about me, that no one wants to notice
Go inside and try to lock the old front door
At least it shows you care Even though you're sore

Channelize the things I know I need to put
aside of my life always on my mind
Outside of my time I'll try and help you out
the year full of broken friends, fear and doubt

Gotta try get through this, Go on then get through it
Gotta have a try, I know i've gotta have a try

And then it'll stop, and then it'll stop, again.
Then I find I'm doing it all, doin it all again.
It just wont stop going wrong, stop going wrong again.
I know I'll, swear that i'll never, swear that i'll never
Track Name: Come Home
Yeah I wanna go home
but i can't go there
comforts just a state of mind
so why dont I feel fine.

My heads all broke
and bodys no good
Gotta find a house
or may just estate of mine

got whiskey on my heart
blood running up my face
things goin the wrong way
maybe I should just stay

bring it wherever i find myself today
learn to sleep again way better than before
live without furniture, living perfectly at ease
letting go of doubts, no return path for me.

I dunno what I want
or who I should trust
I think I have it nailed down
its just another situation I'm going to regret
I don't know whats best, but im running over the sea
from where I should be
Track Name: Piper Alpha
Not quite an ocean, More of a sea
thousands of workers escaping poverty
Writing a hand-off, Signing a piece
of document paper without even a read
Working maintenance, no pressure release
a build up in the air and bang into the sea

Made for a liquid, not for a gas
Firewall exploded, could not contain the blast
Control room abandoned, lifeboats out of reach
Fire proofed section, provides some reprieve
Still one more chance left; manual pumps, decks below
a couple of desperate men walked into fire

Tartan and Claymore just kept on pumping
they had to leave them, we cant go further
30 tons of fuel explode in an instant
One sixty seven
ex-employees, recommendations, presentations
All in the water

forget about families, nobodys at fault
just keep some good friends; national prides at stake
dont neeed enemies, there's bigger things at play
much less employee
makers, grave diggers, all in the water
Track Name: Bad People
He's fucking furious at society all day
got nothing better to do than judge anybody else
philosophy dont enter that closed mind
theres lots of tools sitting there round, blunt and dented

you know that's what they say "its never really easy"
but that's just an excuse to let off their subconscious
there's black and white and nobodies really grey
but he'd never look at himself that way
probably not today

self aware and social to the outside
dont lean on that wall, its made of painted paper

don't worry you're alright
helps coming just sit tight

why would you think that anything is easy
why would need an excuse to let off your subconscious
who cares about the good and bad anyway
worry more about changing things that you can directly
Track Name: Paper Lanterns
Up and outside above the yorkshire racecourse track.
I had a line of sight from a burning electric street lamp

It'd be nice to think all about the
times when we could just sitback.
and enjoy the night sky around us

our happy wee lives came on fast and seemed surreal.
couldn't bare that feeling, hid my face, ran off in a field.

the terrible times couldn't be rewound in my mind
I chose to hide my disposition like a carrier's sine
this is my own reconstruction, you should ask someone else
they are very different books, you found on the same shelf

I've never been very open at least for most of my life
I think i think its safer like this from experience thats mine
theres no problems right now nothing that I couldnt de-wrong
but concentrating is an effort I could never be fixed.

Picking up a pen try setting a lantern alight
maybe at some later point
my perspective will get up to the same height
oh i don't mind change at least its all for the best
I've got reasons to look up now and look after myself