The Mathematical Theory of Communication EP

by liebot

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It is worth trying to explain this EP. In winter of 2012 I was due to go on tour when it occurred to me that most of "Come Home" simply did not work live. Work on a concept album called "Married & Lonely I Hope!" was under way but nowhere near complete.

My favourite songs from that album were all centred on the idea of using information theory as a narrative. So the scope of the album was abandoned and this EP was made in short time.

I think it's great. The arc of optimism, regret, hope, indifference, paranoia and introspection are delivered exactly as needed. The lyrics, instrumentals and samples are a significant step up from their predecessor. "The Mathematical Theory of Communication" is more than an EP, it's a closed form logical statement that justifies itself.

Based largely on work by Claude Elwood Shannon
Written: November 2011 - April 2012
Recorded: July 2012
Location: Wiltshire, UK
All songs by J. McInnes


released August 15, 2012




liebot Bristol, UK

Liebot is Scottish.
Liebot writes music.
Liebot likes rain.
Liebot is sorry.

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Track Name: Fast Fading
Tracking your every move
playing it off like I can't see you
keeping three steps ahead
trying their best not to offend

I know how this goes
better informed than most
waiting for feedback
writing things off as fact

then to my great surprise
I find that things are equalised
time to go start a new row
I need to get run out of town

on impact I regret
hamartophobic inhibition
a heightened dreadful fear
of making a public mistake
Track Name: Soft Decisions
Given up on coincidence
its all a machine
theres bigger things at work
hiding in the background, I cant see.
Working with probabilities now
conspiracies in everything. I cant believe
the choices that people make
its just obscene

Why can't I go back and change
decisions that I have made
I'm well learned now that I am trained.
Give me a couple of finite states.
Paths taken, I'd rearrange
balance you and me into a different place
this isn't regret if it's assigning weights
Track Name: Single Point of Failure
And then we discussed being a
single point of failure
in a system thats never really
done much good

never known too much about that kind of thing
doing my best to stay out of the way

but it occurs to you that noone
trusts a quiet man
stalking in the background
keeping to yourself

reliability nowadays its such a rare thing
when everything is cheap enough to replace
Track Name: Conjugate
He can't, imagine things
without some way
of walking out

She won't, have any doubts
thought through those things
most of the year

Someday, they will try retrace their steps
not for the laugh, to find a route

Its near the end of the day
The moons peaking out over the hedge
you've never been very prompt
and I never learned to tell the time
I never need to use the phone
just keep in contact when you can
really should be heading home
I've got a bad idea in mind

locked in a box, photographs and ticket stubs
from here to there now and again
I recall the day and the jacket I wore on that weekend
I fished it out the lost and found.

Stitching some cloth for heat
looking out over the fields
this might be a bit of a trek
I hope I make it in good time
darting across the horizon
keeping my black thoughts in check
but when its here they're very far away
but when its gone i wish that I could stay
Track Name: One Time Pad
Five years and fourteen weeks
It's taken just for you
to try and make a move
and give it half a chance
expecting just the worst
but neither was it due
in the past

thats not a problem
you didnt care
or you've never seen
a downside
keeping to yourself
when you can

thats until you woke up
missing a connection
wired into our house
for a one sided conversation
you hadn't the right key
or a reasonable approximation
in time

trying your very best
at keeping quiet
living day to day
somewhere next door
making all the noise
in the dead of night